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Lake Eden Arts Festival (LEAF) magical festival held twice each year

Should you go to LEAF? (from LEAF).  Way to go Amy, Dan & Porter!

LEAF is a YES GO if YOU:
1      like to wear costumes and dance your pants off
2      eating the best Breakfast & fresh maple syrup
3      like to experience global cultures
4      like to boogie down with perfectly fun new friends
5      like exploring new adventures
6      prefer smaller events
7      like meeting lots of different people is fun
8      love the beautiful outdoors
9      love to discover new music
10    like easy camping with stunning mountain views
11    love to be happy & have fun!
1      prefer to wear a uniform or a suit and stand still
2      prefer fast food drive-thru then homemade
3      have the American Dream as your only Dream…
4      don’t like people
5      are addicted to everything being bland
6      need big crowds of 15,000 to 100,000 to feel safe
7      want to be with all “me’s”
8      say, “Give me AC or Heat and a fresh hair do!”
9      are top 40 all the way
10    prefer waiting in long lines and concrete
11    happiness is yucky!


black mountain nc

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