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Capital city of the island nation of Cuba, Havana experienced many times of prosperity and economic lows, but the culture of art, music, literacy, dance and optimism has always been its backbone. Cuba was among the first islands explored by Christopher Columbus, at which time it was occupied by Native American Indians. The nation was founded by the Spanish in the 16th century. The 20th century began with Cuba being occupied by the United States, and from 1902 to 1959, the country experienced a new era of development. Cuba’s relationship with the USSR grew stronger in the early 1960s and the United States enacted an embargo. This relationship ended with the break-up of the former Soviet Union in 1989. After this time, Cuba entered The Special Period with difficult times. Cuba and the United States restored diplomatic relations in July 2015. The city is buzzing with new energy and hope as changes with the American government making access easier. Exuberant architecture is a fantasy-like mixture of Neoclassical, Baroque, Colonial, Eclectic, Contemporary, Art Deco, Art Nouveau and Modernism.

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