Steve’s 10 Travel Tips

Be Patient
If the service at a restaurant is slow, you miss a train or the bartender ignores you, don’t sweat it. Relax and take a deep breath. If you slow down and take a look around you, some new discoveries may jump out and you will be happier and more fun to be with.

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Find Excitement Where You Least Expect It
What’s not to love about Paris, London and Amsterdam? But what about Milwaukee, Cleveland and Louisville? There is so much to appreciate in all cities and villages; you just need to open your eyes and adjust to appreciate the details.

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Eat Candy
Candy puts most people in a better mood and what better way to immerse yourself in the local culture than by trying new confections? Eat salty black licorice in Finland and savor a bright and shiny bon-bon in France.


Meet Locals
Visit grocery stores, parks, playgrounds and laundromats. Get away from “tourist zones” and see what makes the local scene unique.


Dress The Part
Unless you are running, working out or at the beach, ditch the shorts and wear stylish footwear. It will make you blend in with the locals and not be labeled as an unstylish tourist, which will reward you in countless ways.


Embrace Local Architecture
You don’t need to take a guided tour (necessarily) to appreciate the nuances with the local built environment. Notice the differences in signage in less litigious societies, color palettes in tropical climates and indigenous materials across the globe.

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Carry Cash
Contrary to what many will tell you, keep currency in your pocket. Don’t carry so many bills that you will be worried about pick pocketers, but often times cash is king. And it will save you the embarrassment of relying on your plastic when it is not accepted.


Even though the internet has made goods from around the globe available at your fingertips, try not to buy things you can find at home. Spend time experiencing rather than purchasing… unless you love the experience of buying.


Experiment With Food and Hotels
No need to ask every cab driver and hotel concierge where to grab a meal. Everyone has their own tastes which may not mimic yours. Allow your senses to guide you. Don’t assume all people in London eat fish and chips everyday; try other delicacies. In Chicago, we do love our hot dogs but more often we chow on carnitas, pad thai and curry. You stay at cookie-cutter hotels many times so branch out and try something more intriguing.

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