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    Need some inspiration in your travels? Not necessarily the newest, trendiest or most popular but something spectacular about each. Check back often for new spots to check out. “It's like having Steve in your back pocket!”

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    Every hotel can be expressed in countless details. Take a look at what you've been missing and share your stories. Visit an edited selection of some interesting web discoveries.

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What makes something interesting… relevant… authentic… local… worthy of exploration? Replies will vary tremendously from who you ask, how you ask and the their mood. When people crave an authentic or local experience, what are they seeking? Are they looking to taste the brew or spirit produced down the street even though it might be foul to the tongue? Or do they want to dance to house music mixed down the street?

Some of my most memorable and magical experiences occur when I ignore online reviews and don’t seek advice from others, but rather figure it out on my own. These genuine moments often do not occur while I am sipping espresso at a hipster cafe or staying at a hotel where every single detail is curated and arranged for a social media moment. Everyone is looking for “the best”, but what does that really mean? Anyone can find the newest starchitect-designed edifice but what about discovering great design without being told why it is superb?

To be mentioned on Ignite Curiosities, each destination and experience should be genuine. Each experience has some combination of staying power, situated on a memorable block, loyal following, stunning design (often on a small budget) quality or passion. Many Ignite destinations would not make anyone’s hottest or hippest list… but they might. Think and discover for yourself, enjoy your journey and peruse Ignite Curiosities to supplement your own imagination.

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